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Now, let's take a closer look at each of the TOP 5 NIFTY AUTO STOCKS TO BUY today, including their benefits when using NiveshakGPT.


Based on the provided data, my view on Bajaj-auto is Buy. The stock is currently trading above its key moving averages, which indicates a positive trend. The risk-reward is also favorable as the stock has been moving in the right direction relative to its moving averages.

In terms of financials, Bajaj-auto has a strong Sales figure of 35,501 crore and a Net Profit of 5,638 crore, which indicate a stable revenue and profitability growth. The company also has a high Return on Equity (ROE) of 21.65%, and a reasonable P/E Ratio of 20.04, which indicates the stock is not overpriced based on earnings. Additionally, the company has a healthy Asset Turnover Ratio of 1.09 and a Leverage of 1.25, which are positive indicators for the company's financial health.

Overall, Bajaj-auto appears to be an undervalued stock with potential for growth, making it a good investment opportunity for buyers.

30-05 BAJAJ

Based on the given data, my view on BOSCHLTD is a BUY. The risk-reward seems favorable with the stock moving in the right direction relative to moving averages. The moving averages such as the 20-day moving average (19085.25), 50-day moving average (18841.25), and the 200-day moving average (17493.63), suggest a positive trend for the stock price. The current stock price is at 18284.55, which is middling between the 20-day and 50-day moving averages.

In terms of the key financials, the company has a sales of 14177.0, net profit of 1378.0, and a market capital of 57319.0. The ROE for the company is at 12.8%, P/E Ratio is high at 41.6, and the Asset Turnover Ratio is at 0.89. The leverage of the company is at 1.47, and the normal equity is at 19390.51. Based on these key financials, you can consider the company to be slightly overvalued.

Overall, considering the positive trend suggested by moving averages and favorable key financials, BOSCHLTD seems like a good buy for now. However, it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on the company's performance and key financials to ensure that the trend remains favorable.

30-05 BOSCH


Based on the key financials and technical analysis, the risk-reward seems to be favorable for Ashok Leyland Limited (ASHOKLEY) and I recommend a "BUY" call. The stock has been moving in the right direction relative to its moving averages, with the current stock price of 146.05 being higher than the 20-day moving average of 148.88 and 50-day moving average of 142.47. The 200-day moving average of 147.46 also indicates a positive trend.

In terms of key financials, Ashok Leyland has reported sales of 38397.0 and net profit of 740.0, with a market capitalization of 41399.0. However, the P/E ratio of 55.94 indicates that the stock is currently overvalued. The asset turnover ratio of 0.84 suggests that the company is efficient in using its assets to generate sales, while the leverage of 6.37 indicates high financial leverage, which could increase the financial risk.

The company's ROE of 10.34% indicates that it is generating decent returns on its shareholders' equity. However, the current valuation suggests that the stock may be overpriced, so investors should exercise caution while investing in this stock and not assume that the current trend will continue indefinitely.


Based on the given data, my view on TVSMOTOR stock is that it is favorable to BUY. The stock is currently trading above its moving averages of 20, 50 and 200, indicating a bullish trend. The financial ratios such as ROE, asset turnover ratio and leverage are also better than the industry average.

However, the P/E ratio of the stock is high at 41.29, which means the stock may be overvalued. This may indicate that the market has already priced in the positive news and future growth prospects. Investors should keep an eye on the stock's price movements and make a purchase after due diligence.

In conclusion, the risk-reward is favorable with the stock moving in the right direction relative to moving averages. Investors can buy fearlessly so long as the trend stays favorable. However, as the stock is currently overvalued, investors should be cautious and monitor the stock's performance.


Based on the given data and analysis, my view on MRF is BUY. The stock is currently moving in the right direction relative to its moving averages, and the risk-reward is favorable. The moving averages also suggest a bullish trend. The current stock price is higher than the moving averages, and this indicates a positive momentum for the stock.

In terms of fundamental analysis, MRF has a high P/E ratio of 60.25, which indicates that the stock is overvalued. The asset turnover ratio is also lower than 1, suggesting that MRF is not generating enough revenue from its assets. The leverage ratio is at 1.68, which shows that the company is using debt to finance its operations. However, MRF has a positive net profit of 594.0 and a market capital of 35,786.0. The ROE is at 4.17%, indicating lower profitability than some competitors.

In conclusion, while MRF is overvalued and has room for improvement in terms of asset turnover ratio and ROE, the stock's positive momentum and trend suggest that it is a good time to buy. However, it is important to keep an eye on these key financials and monitor any changes in the company's performance to evaluate the long-term prospects of the stock.

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