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About Algonauts Advisory
  1. Algonauts Advisory is an automated AI-based investment service that manages your equity investment based on your risk profile, your investment amount, your time horizon, and your time of entry.
  2. Algonauts Advisory system’s focus is to maximize your stock market returns while protecting capital.
  3. It has a total of 40 portfolios that cater to various risk profiles.
  4. Select long term if you require your money back only after three years while short term is meant for those who may want to invest for a shorter time period.
  5. Once you select the portfolio, you can fill in your investment amount in the dashboard. The investment amount could go as low as Rs.5000.
  6. Algonauts AI system will manage your portfolio through emails that will instruct you on what stocks to buy and sell along with their quantities.
  7. The emails will come daily for short-term portfolios and weekly for long-term portfolios.
  8. In case you worry about execution, Algonauts Advisory has tied up with 14 top brokers to provide you with one-touch execution on their platform – Zerodha, HDFC Securities, ICICI Securities, Axis Securities, Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, Edelweiss, Upstox, Groww, 5paisa, Kotak Securities, Alice Blue, and Trustline.
  9. The one-touch system would enable you to execute the longest list of orders with one click within 90 seconds.
  10. In case you are worried about entrusting your money with an unknown AI system, you could sign-up for free paper trading within the system for three months.
  11. You could join up once you are completely satisfied on how the system functions.
  12. Portfolio costs range from Rs.3,000-12,000 p.a. payable every six months.
  • We are a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser having registration number - INA000016791
  • We are not affiliated with any other intermediaries, nor do receive any brokerage or commission from any third party.
  • No penalties/directions have been issued by the SEBI under the SEBI Act or any other regulatory body.
  • We do not recommend any stock broker or other intermediary to a client. Nor do I receive any consideration by way of remuneration or compensation or in any other form whatsoever from stock broker or other intermediary.
  • If client wants opinion in the specific positions made by him only, we will be able to suggest appropriate view on the securities. Such suggestion/view under any circumstances shall be considered as an opinion (not advice) from my side and we advise client to consider our opinion and not consultancy to make his/her final decision. We are not liable for any losses whatsoever client may incur in accepting this opinion.
  • We may have holdings or positions in the financial products or securities which are the subject matter of advice, and the same have been disclosed to the client.
  • We do not have any association in any manner with any issuer of products/ securities, this ensures that there are no actual or potential conflicts of interest. This also ensures that objectivity or independence in the carrying on of investment advisory services is not compromised.
  • Investment in market is subject to market risk, though best attempts are made for predicting markets, but no surety of return or accuracy of any kind is guaranteed.
  • Client is always advised to read, understand, and agree of terms & conditions & disclaimer of service.
  • We do not guarantee any profit/return.
  • We do not provide any profit /loss sharing services, guaranteed profit services, Demat services.