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Are you still dependant on 'Tips' to invest in the market?

Are you still checking financials newspapers and news channels to Find the Next Big Idea?

Do you wish to have known somebody who would understand your Long-Term Goals?

Do you wish to have someone who would correct your buy/sell timings?

Algonauts Advisory is an automated AI-based investment service that manages your equity investment based on your risk profile, your investment amount, your time horizon, and your time of entry.
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The Algonauts app is wow. I particularly like the logic behind the algorithm. It is designed to protect my money,not waste it.
I can understand now, why the long term returns are higher than any broker or fund manager can offer.
Anand Lobo
I could not figure out for sometime why the app says sell, when my broker kept saying buy. Then the market did it's karnama and I realised that the broker was off His advice to me, buy some more and the market kept going down.
My compliments to whoever thought through the algorithm.
Sudesh Kuckian

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